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Keep Skating


You spent days, weeks, months, years practicing. You love skateboarding, not because you want to go pro, but because you can't imagine life without a skateboard. With every push, your freedom from all restraint lessens. A successful day is a day you get to step on your board.


Half of Muve was board out of the skateboarding world. Ryan grew up skating, has been for 19 years, and collects skate clothes. Still in his possession is a 101, Menace, Shorty's, A-team, New Deal and many others shirts, hoodies, sneakers, etc. His love of the skate world and the graphics that cover every deck and shirt he owned pushed him to want to put his own stamp on the passion that kept him from the gutters and turned him to art. This shirt, with a repeating pattern of a skater kickflipping, represents his perseverance to keep skating and the work that must go in to getting to that next level.


Keep Pushing, Keep Skating, Keep Muving