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The Evil Square - Black and Blue


The Evil Square is the key element to the Muve logo and represents thinking outside of the box.

Its eye, mouth and teeth support the survival of a visual voice in any environment. The Evil Square chasing the MUVE defining Motion, Motivation, Revolution, Transportation, Speed, Sport and Urgency to keep moving or get eaten or left behind in the dog eat dog world that we live in.


Before there was Muve, there was two artists, Mike and Ryan, with tons of ideas and designs for graphic T-shirts. We would write them down, draw them up, even screen a few for ourselves to see what we had. We just didn't have a name or a voice. Then the Evil Square showed up. Ryan, still in school, was sitting in a class where you're supposed to expand on your dreams to create art. While recollecting his dream of the previous night, this form, now known as The Evil Square appeared on his paper. He had drawn it almost absentmindedly. Originally designed as a T-shirt graphic, it was the perfect visual of what they were looking for in a logo: born as art, while delving into ones mind and finding something raw. The Evil Square is a simple drawing almost crudely drawn, but speaks volumes to our definition of MUVE.