Artist Relief During Covid-19

During these strange times, there's a lot of fear and worry in the world. We're worried about our health and the wellbeing of others. Sadly, we also have to worry about our finances. Many artists live paycheck to paycheck and have a tough road ahead of them as the economy takes a beating during this crisis. The government is trying to help the best it can, but we wanted to do our part to help the artists. First, we plan to donate 50% of our clothing sales to charities supporting gig workers, freelancers and artists. Secondly, we're going to sell you art directly and give 95% the proceeds to the artist to help them pay for food, rent or any other expenses they need covered. We're going to kick it off with a photography sale. Each photographer will have 5 different prints available, in limited quantities, in three different sizes: 20 8x10, 10 11x14 and 5 20x24 prints. Our print sale can be found here. We'll be adding artist frequently, so come back often.

Our first group of artists include Chris HerityEthan CoveyJohn SaponaraRachael WoodsonRyan HandtStephen Marino & Heidi Zumbrun 

Mounting options are available here


April 17, 2020 by Ryan Handt