Muve clothing is the love child of Micheal Pacheco and Ryan Handt. Michael, an illustrator from the DC, and Ryan, a photographer from New York, met on the left coast while studying at Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles. While there, they decided to start a clothing company in 2003. Over time, they studied, graduated, started their individual careers, but never stopped talking about creating a clothing company together. In 2008, moved by the upcoming election, they made some stickers, showing the battle that was too ensue and what corner they stood in.

In the following year, 2009, Muve was formed with a special message in mind: We are dedicated to voicing creative freedom with respect to the sub-cultures of past, present and future. Muve signifies a pivotal motion of change in the direction world culture has gone and takes a step to document where we are going, through the collaboration of imagery, wordplay and humor.

Keep on, Muving on